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MyCyber Media Solutions

We are a group of experienced professionals bringing solutions to technological questions arising from businesses, organizations and individuals around the world.

Responsive Websites

Websites that adapt to all devices and screen sizes.

Mobile Applications

Professional Apps for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows, J2ME and more...

Web Applications

Content Management Systems, CRM, SMSMS, Portals, Payroll systems and more...


Online shops, Marketing systems, Payment Gateways and eCommerce Mobile Apps.

Networking & Installations

CCTV, Local Area Network, Wireless LAN, Internet, Engineering and Maintenance.

Computer Software

Software design, Database systems, Enterprise management systems and more...


PC 3d games, mobile games, web based games, money making games and more...

Bulk SMS Solutions

Fast, cheap, reliable sms services, installation and setup.

World Maps

World zip/postal codes, histories, phone codes and more...

Our Core Values (RISS)

We have grown our clients and customers trusts in us by making our commitment to whatever we tell clients and customers mandatory. Our goal is to exceed clients and customers expectations at every contact. We strictly adhere to project specifications, requirements, security, privacy, and never fail on time frame agreements.

We never disappoint.

Feedbacks from our returning customers have shown that our innovative minds have resulted in over 60% of new businesses from our returning clients. We create. We think INNOVATION. We build on both new and existing platforms for unimaginable heights of success for your business, project and sales.

We see it at an angle from which others cannot. If we can't find a way, we make one.

Our ability to identify and solve technological problems contributes high levels of success in getting new businesses for the group. We have recorded 100% resolution successes for all identified and presented problems and we are constantly working hard to keep it that way.

With our technical know-how and solution driven processes, we never back-off until the problem is solved.

We provide real time support for our clients and customers on all executed and adopted projects and business processes. With our excellent customer support and technical team, we are always ready to provide answers to our clients and customers queries.

With our solid support, there is no height to which you can't take your small project or business.

Online Products

MyCyber SMS

SMS solutions for your businesses and orginizations

Oyo State Job Portal

This is a recruitment portal for the Oyo State Government.

MyCyber Geo-Network

Zip codes, Postal codes, Phone codes, Bank codes, Maps, blogs & articles

Mind Reader Android App

This App will read your mind, believe me!

ZTP Cloud

ZTP Cloud, A cloud hosting and storage platform. Click for free storage account


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We consult for organizations, firms and businesses on the technological needs and solutions for operations, processes, sales and projects successes and managements. You can request our call now to discuss our opinion on your project and business.