We have been able to evaluate the importance of GSM marketing and the effectiveness of it in business and we have come up with an SMS solution that enables you take maximum advantage of GSM in marketing your business.

MyCyber SMS is a platform that enables individuals, businesses or organisations send SMS to recipients use the brand name, company name, organisation name or any name you would like to use as the sender of the SMS. This means your recipients do not see a phone number as the sender of the SMS you send, rather they see whatever you want them to see as the sender.

On MyCyber SMS you can send sms to any number of recipients from 1 to as many as you wish and have them delivered within seconds.

MyCyber SMS was developed by our team and has constantly been updated and improved to ease use and increase standard and yield on your businesses. It was deployed and launched in 2014 and has been use by organisations around the world.

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